How To Choose Funeral Flowers

In choosing funeral flowers, there are no rules that have been set to follow. Since funeral flowers are one of the few means of expressing a message when words are inadequate, choosing the right flower will depend largely on how you feel.

Funeral flowers allow you to send a message to the family members and friends that were left behind. It expresses your sympathy, even without saying a word.

You can ask for a funeral flower arrangements from different sources. Usually, funeral homes are located near flower shops while some offer flowers at the funeral home itself. Aside from the funeral flowers, you can also add a sympathy card or personal tributes to the flowers like trains, artwork, musical instruments or design your own to include in the flower arrangement.

Common Flowers Used for Funerals

When you choose to bring funeral flowers to say your condolences without words, you can pick any kind of flower you like to express how you feel. However, if you’re on the safer side, you can buy the most common flowers used for funerals.

Carnations are one of the traditional funeral flowers. The most appropriate carnation colors for a tribute are red carnations. These kinds of flowers last longer than other flowers, which can be the reason why many people choose carnations for funeral services that are scheduled for over one week.

Red carnations signify passion, while white carnations express truth. However, be aware that carnations costs more than other funeral flowers, so be ready to pay a high price.

Chrysanthemums are the most used funeral flowers worldwide because they signify honesty and truth. You could buy chrysanthemums in colors yellow, white, tan, pink, burgundy and various shades of green.

If your loved one who passed away loves the color blue, Iris can be a great choice for funeral flowers. Iris is an amazing, blue flower that signifies hope and faithfulness are available all throughout the year.

Lilies are also among the favorite flowers because of the varieties available. You can buy Asiatic, oriental or longiflorum lilies in colors white, yellow, pink or orange. Calla lilies, on the other hand, costs more than the traditional funeral flowers because they provide great visual from its impressive colors.

A red rose, the classic funeral flower, provides elegance to any gloomy room. Red roses are used more for funerals because they signify passion, while yellow reflects love and white stands for innocence.

Regardless of what kind of flower you choose, the only important thing is you choose from your heart and listen to what you feel. The flowers could serve as a sympathy card for most people, when words are not enough to express your condolences.

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Choosing the Proper Funeral Services

When death occurs, you have no choice but to look for funeral services within six days after the bad news. However, before hiring a particular funeral service, you have to determine and compare important information such as fees, costs of funeral services, procedures available, pricelists for cremation or caskets and additional fees for transportation, flowers and other optional services. When a funeral service refuses to give information about these fees, immediately stop doing business with them. In addition, funeral services should provide you with the most detailed information about fees.

They should be able to explain to you about other additional expenses like preservation care, flower arrangements, religious services, taxes and other fees. Make sure that once you contact any funeral services, they provide you with precise and clear information. During these instances when emotions are high, it is best to ask someone close to you to accompany you during the meeting with a funeral service. This will ensure that all terms and fees will be discussed over the meeting.

First Things First

Before signing a contract for a funeral service, make sure that you understand all information about the funeral director, embalming or preservation care and other services offered you like to include.

How to Finance Funeral Services

For people who were not able to pre-arrange their funerals before their death, family members are likely to worry about financing the funeral services. When this happens, you have several options on how to finance the services. First, you could contact the deceased banker and determine whether his or her assets cover funeral expenses. These financing options are usually authorized by the family and the banking establishment. You can also request empowerment by the notary to receive the funds for funeral services.

(Video) Funeral Plans: Plan Now, Die Later

Be aware that this option needs all the senior beneficiaries’ signature before it can be released. As a family member of the deceased, you can access dues from death-funeral insurances, mutual or life insurance and social security for cases of death while performing duties as a professional or employee. While some funeral homes provide financing for their clients, the best way to save money on services – especially if no one in your family has pre-arranged a funeral – is to compare prices from different providers before signing any contract. This way, you will ensure a meaningful memorial ceremony for your deceased loved one without worrying about the costs of funeral services.

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Funeral Plans: Plan Now, Die Later

Most of us will need to have a funeral plan at some point of time or the other in our lives. There are many different elements involved in planning a funeral and it is a very emotional event that needs to be properly addressed. Not many people want to talk about the funeral as it may be too depressing and even too macabre a subject to delve on, but, unfortunate an event as it may be, it is a fact of life and there is no getting around it. There is need to hold a funeral to bury the dead and it is a means of paying our last respects and celebrates the life of the deceased.

Take Costs And Details Into Account

Having a funeral plan means taking into account the costs and details which often may prove to be quite overwhelming and, having a plan would give peace of mind as well as lessen the emotional as well as financial strain for the bereaved. In this regard, there are certain steps that one can take such as drawing a will, planning the actual funeral, deciding on the type of ceremony, and tallying the total cost.

No matter that one is wealthy or not, it is important to draw up a will unless, one wishes the state to take over after one passes away. A lawyer should be consulted for drawing up the will. For your funeral plans, one should shop about as well as consult different funeral directors and compare prices for caskets, embalming as well as the cost for professional services.

It may be better not to go in for one-stop shopping which may include prayer cards, thank-you-notes as well as guest registers, as these will all add up to the funeral bill. One will also need to decide on how the body is to be disposed off – whether to cremate it or bury it. In case of burial, one would need to purchase a cemetery plot and, for above-the ground burial, a mausoleum crypt may be required. offers a wide range of funeral plan options for you to choose from.

One will also need to decide on the type of funeral service that would include having members attending as well as a member of the clergy conducting services at the church or in a funeral home. The type of casket also needs to be selected and, the choice would rest between open or closed caskets. In case one desires a memorial service, then should be expressed in the funeral plan.

Finally, one would need to tally the cost of the funeral and, decide whether to pre-pay the cost through bank savings, trusts, life insurance or through annuities. This should give occasion to congratulate one for having faced up to the inevitable and, drawn up a feasible funeral plan and it will allow the bereaved to concentrate on grieving as well as recovery and, planning now and dieing later, is certainly a sensible course of action.

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Where and How To Get the Funeral Information You Need


The death of someone close is not something we expect and therefore most of us have to idea what to do or where to go in order to deal and get funeral information. Here are some easy ways to get the funeral information you need in order to prepare and/or hire help with the funeral. If the funeral was not planed before, as some of us do after a certain age you need to immediately contact family and friends to help and assist you with all the necessary funeral information and guidance especially from the elder folks who may have gone through similar experiences and will have all the necessary contacts for you to use.

Remember that this is a very distressful time and you will need all the help you can get even if you want to be left alone and not speak to anyone; accepting help from family and friends is the best way to get all the funeral information you need as well as have people around you that lave and care, which you will need even if you don’t feel that way.

Alternative Help and Assistance

It can happen that you don’t have any relatives and friends where you are situated at the present but will still have to deal with the funeral needs and find out fast all the funeral information needed. The best way to approach such a situation is to look in a local yellow pages book where all the services are registered or search online for funeral services. Professional funeral homes will be able to provide you will all the assistance you require from making arrangements for the funeral to sending out funeral cards and the sooner they take over this responsibility the sooner you will be able to deal with your feelings. Of course, all the coordination must be directed by your, but they will have many available choices from which all you need to do is choose, for example, types of coffins, funeral service, flowers and funeral cards.

Helpful Tip

The death of a family member is probably the hardest thing one is faced with during a lifetime and dealing with the funeral arrangements can be very frustrating especially if the death was unexpected. Ensuing you get the right help as soon as possible will help you slightly to feel at peace that the last rituals and arrangements were done efficiently an with respect for the deceased.

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Writing a Funeral Poem

When writing a funeral poem, some people think that the poem should be a summary of the one who passed away, while others believe the poem should speak for every person present at the funeral service. Contrary to popular belief, this should not be the case in writing a funeral poem.

A funeral poem should express the feelings, experiences and thoughts of the writer about the person who just passed away. A funeral poem can be imperfect, but the writer should be able to express meaningful words.

When you’re starting to write a funeral poem, think about past experiences with the deceased. Reminisce about how funny he was, or how lovable. However, if you’re trying to write a poem for a person with plenty of negative traits, your secret is to omit these information and focus on the person’s good side.

You can think about the happiest moment you’ve shared and use that moment as your inspiration. The funeral poem can be literal, figurative or any angle you choose to write. Nonetheless, the poem should convey what you feel, what you mean and what you want to say to the other loved ones that were left behind and to the person who passed away.

Guidelines In Writing A Funeral Poem

For many people, a funeral poem can be one of the hardest things to produce. When you’re preparing for the poem or speech, make sure you take your time and think about various memories you wish to share.

You can also ask the family and friends of the deceased about their own memories shared with the deceased. Once you have several ideas for the funeral poem, keep it short, for about five minutes worth of speech.

However, never summarize the life of the one who passed away. Instead, pick only one memory or idea, which you think the audience could relate. For instance, you could base your poem from the things he or she has done for other people, the values he or she passed on to your life, his or her unique personality or the warmest or funniest moments you shared with the deceased.

An important part of writing a funeral poem is to be honest at all times and write in an informal tone. However, you should refrain from negative sentiments and focus on the positive thoughts. When reading your poem at the memorial service, make sure someone will back you up if you become overwhelmed by your emotions. He or she could continue reading the poem for you.

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